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Atrocities at Ruby Ridge
The Randy Weaver Story


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Atrocities at Ruby Ridge
The Randy Weaver Story

Reenactments of the deadly Gestapo type siege by our own Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), and the historical events leading up to it are brought to life in this shocking expose.

This incident may well prove to be the most compelling reason Americans must reassess their commitment to maintain our personal freedoms!

If we don't remember we will forget. After Nearly 15 years of seclusion, two of the most compelling, privately investigated, and produced documentaries surrounding the U.S. Governments involvement in the Randy Weaver and Waco Fiascoes are back! Running time 100 minutes.

Ruby Ridge
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Ruby Ridge refers to a violent confrontation and siege involving Randy Weaver, his family, Weaver's friend Kevin Harris, federal agents from the United States Marshals Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The events took place on August 21, 1992 on the Weaver family property, located on a hillside between Caribou Ridge and Ruby Creek near Naples in northern Idaho.

In the months leading up to the incident, Weaver had failed to appear in court to answer charges relating to possession of an illegally shortened sawed-off shotgun, and the U.S. Marshals Service was directed to serve a warrant for his arrest. Weaver failed to show up on his court date, stating the warrant gave the wrong date. His son, Samuel Weaver, was in the woods with a pet dog, hunting. Federal agents shot Samuel's dog, sparking a firefight which resulted in the deaths of Samuel and US Marshal William Degan. As a result, Federal agents stormed the house. Lon Horiuchi, an FBI sharpshooter, shot at Weaver and Harris, injuring them and killing Vicki Weaver as she held her baby daughter. The stand-off was resolved with a truce arrangement, following which Weaver and Harris were arrested. Weaver was ultimately acquitted of all charges except missing his original court date and violation of his bail conditions, for which he was sentenced to 18 months and fined $10,000. Credited with time served, Weaver spent an additional 4 months in prison. Harris was acquitted of all charges.

The confrontation

On August 21, 1992, several US Marshals were sent to conduct surveillance for the upcoming undercover operation. Since Randy Weaver was a former Green Beret and it was believed the Weaver family were fully prepared to fight, an initial armed reconnaissance team was sent in to survey the location and prepare for the military style assault.[citation needed] They spent most of the night and early morning moving around the family property.

The group had strict orders that they were to avoid all contact with the Weaver family.[citation needed] According to a Department of Justice report on the incident, the Marshals were detected by the Weavers' dogs and began to retreat. Randy Weaver, his 14-year-old son Sammy and his house guest, family friend Kevin Harris, left the house to investigate, all carrying firearms. The Department of Justice report corroborates this with a statement dictated by Randy Weaver to his daughter, in which he says that "Approximately 11:30 Friday morning....the dogs started barking like they always do when strangers walk up the driveway. Randy, Kevin, and Sam ran out to the rock with their weapons." The Labrador, Striker, chased the marshals through the woods, and Sammy and Harris followed the dog. Eventually, despite their orders to avoid contact, the marshals stopped retreating and took up defensive positions in the woods.

The sequence of events during the ensuing shootout is disputed, with Harris saying that the camouflaged Marshals did not identify themselves and were the first to fire at Sammy's dog, which was approaching their position with Sammy close behind him. Sammy then fired at Marshal Roderick, who had shot the dog. The marshals' version of events is that they were fired upon first and only then returned fire.

According to Randy Weaver, after splitting up from Harris and Sammy Weaver, a man in full camouflage leapt in front of him and shouted: "Freeze, Weaver!". Weaver responded to this with the words, "Fuck you!" and then turned around and began to run back to the house. As he ran he called out to Harris and Sammy that it was an ambush and to get back to the house. Randy said he heard Sam reply "I'm coming Dad" and then heard shots being fired.

Sammy and Harris had followed the dog through the woods when they confronted the Marshals. Sammy,
according to Harris, then yelled "You shot Striker, you son of a b**ch!", and fired twice at Marshal Roderick, the leader of the Special Operations Group

One or more Marshals returned fire, shooting Sam in the arm and spraying him in the back with automatic weapon fire, killing him, as he ran back up the hill. Harris then shot and killed Marshal William Degan, and retreated up the hill himself where he found Sammy.

It is also possible that Marshal Degan was killed by friendly fire as his autopsy showed he had been shot in the back with the bullet exiting through his chest.


According to evidence entered at the trial by prosecution witnesses (ballistics experts Martin Fackler and Lucien Haag), Art Roderick fired one shot, which killed the dog; Sammy Weaver fired three shots, to no effect; Marshal Bill Degan fired seven shots, one hitting Sammy Weaver's arm; Kevin Harris fired two shots, one killing Degan; and Larry Cooper fired six shots, one killing Sammy Weaver. Marshals Cooper and Roderick were not aware of Degan firing, and believed those shots came from the Weavers. There were nineteen shots fired in total.

The next day, the FBI was called onto the scene with their Hostage Rescue Team (HRT). After the first day's events, the FBI HRT changed its usual rules of engagement, stating specifically that "deadly force can and should be used against any armed adult male if the shot could be taken without a child being injured." Deadly force could be used even before an announcement that the Weavers were surrounded and requesting their surrender. This was "unprecedented" and later found unconstitutional by a Justice Department task force.

A FBI sniper, Lon Horiuchi, shot and wounded Weaver in the right arm, while he was lifting the latch on a shed to visit the dead body of Sammy Weaver with others. Then as Randy, his 16-year-old daughter Sara and Harris ran back to the house, Horiuchi shot Vicki Weaver. Vicki Weaver was standing behind a door, unarmed and holding her 10-month-old baby Elishiba in her arms, when the bullet struck her in the face, killing her. The round then carried on, striking Harris in the left arm/chest. A Justice Department review later found the second shot was unconstitutional and the lack of a request to surrender was "inexcusable", since Harris and the two Weavers were running for cover and could not pose an imminent threat. The task force also specifically blamed Horiuchi for firing at the door, not knowing whether someone was on the other side of it, along with those who had decided on the special rules of engagement allowing shots to be fired with no request for surrender.

The sniper's two shots were fired at 6:00pm 22 Aug1992; the Weavers did not return fire but retreated to the cabin. At 6:30pm, an armored personnel carrier came to the cabin and announced the presence of law enforcement. According to the Weavers, this was the first formal announcement of the presence of law enforcement.

A stand-off ensued for 10 days as several hundred federal agents surrounded the house, in which Weaver and his three surviving children remained with Harris and the dead body of Vicki Weaver, under a blood-soaked blanket in the kitchen. The area was surrounded by protesters angered by what they perceived as the heavy-handed nature of the authorities' actions. James "Bo" Gritz, then a third-party presidential candidate who had formerly been Weaver's commanding officer during his time in the Army served as a mediator between Weaver and the government. Eventually, Weaver elected to abandon the stand-off and trust his case to the judicial system.

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The Waco Incident
This video was featured in Penthouse magazine and it rocked the nation with crucial issues we all must face.

Judge for yourself if the Constitutional Right to Bear Arms and the Right to Religious Assembly was violated.

Running time 98 minutes.

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